Foundations of law enforcement

below are the 3 discussion questions I am to respond to. While responding to these please with whatever cite you please cite the paper it in the response each question must me 6-10 sentences long so make all points strong and some of the question will be opinionated so just go with work for you one also I will upload the rubric for which the teacher has given. The teacher also uses turn it in .com as well so please careful thank you.
1. Unlike other nations, where there is one national criminal justice system, criminal justice in the US is composed of many loosely coupled, semiautonomous organizations.
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of this type of system. In addition, include a discussion of the ways in which this structure has changed over the last 35 or so years. Can this system guarantee or delay justice /injustice for people. Use material from week 1 & 2, including the required reading by A. Platt.

2. Discuss how internal and external forces influenced how police do their job. In your discussion include at least four topics, two internal and two external forces covered in the section under law enforcement. As you discuss these forces, indicate the extent to which these are having the intended goals or whether these are having unintended consequences.

3. Given recent high profile cases of police citizen interactions that have gone wrong, what would you advise young persons of your ethnic background to do if they are stopped by the police?

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