Oral Business Presentation

The #1 rule is to know your audience and purpose. Once you know this, you can arrange an intro, body, and conclusion for your presentation that meets your and your audience’s needs. Be sure to check in with your audience to ensure they are listening and understanding what you are saying. By reading their nonverbal cues, you will see this.

Preparing is key when giving a presentation.

Prepare something very concise and clear, so your audience will get it right away without confusion.
Keep it simple while summarizing topics throughout and at the end of the presentation.
Be passionate about what you are speaking about to keep the audience engaged. If you are passionate, your audience will stay involved and not get bored.
Use visual aids like tables, pictures, graphs, and videos will help.

If you have stage fright, practice, practice, practice and really know your material. It becomes easier over time, especially if you remind yourself that you know what you are talking about and have some wisdom to share. Please see the videos below and respond to the following questions to further your knowledge about chapter 12.
Assignment 2

Video Lecture


Stop at 4:06- how should you arrange your oral presentation?
Stop at 4:55- what are some pointers when writing your presentation?
Stop at 6:45- what are some pointers when giving your presentation?
What should you do before, during, and after according to the video?

Assignment 3

Video lecture 2

What are the differences between and oral and written presentation?
What makes and effective oral presentation? Hint: he mentions it at the end of the video
Assignment 4

Video Lecture 3

Is this a good or bad presentation? List 3 reasons why.
Assignment 5

Chapter Review 6-15

Activities and Cases 12.1 (write a memo), 12.8, 12.12 (attach file to Moodle), 12.13 (attach file or post link to recording to Moodle- make it only 30 sec – 1min)

Editing Challenge 12

Assignment 6

An interview is the opportunity for the employer to meet you and determine if you are a good fit for the company. When going in for an interview, remain calm. They already like you and want you to succeed. Know that you already have the qualifications needed to get the job, or they would not have called you in. Your resume got you in the door and showed your skills. Your interview shows your personality; so, allow it to shine through. Walk in with confidence and know that they want you already.


What does an interview do?
What 3 things should you do before the interview?
Pause at 3:40. What are 4 things you should do during the interview?
Pause at 7:20. What 2 things should you do after the interview?

Assignment 7

Chapter 14 Review: 6-15, Activities and Cases: 14.1, 14.4, 14.6, 14.10, 14.11, 14.18, 14.20
The book is attached to the email, or you can google it

Essentials of Business Communication 9e (Mary Ellen Guffey and Dana Loewy) it will be the sound link and its free
assignment number 2 video link


assignment number 6 video link


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