How to re- integrate come home after living abroad?

this is my final project in Peacebuilding and conflict transformation class. I have to focus for Develop a curriculum map because the project will based on this map. I will send picture and some instruction to explain more about the map. However, it is like schedule explain or show three cumulus about virtue,question and activity and there are examples such as respect with 2 kind of people 1- adult 2- children and also some activities I can do it with them as real. In addition, I want this project more simple to understand because I’m international student and use easy vocabulary please. after finishing write the map and start to write the project just explain these topic . for example: the benefits of these to kind adult/ children and the disadvanteges and the advanteges. some examples and using at least 7 seven sources one of them this book : The Third Culture Kid Experience Growing Up among Worlds. by Davied C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken.
**** Read what I will upload to be clear but focus in the first page that I by handmade ( written by my hand) .

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