How Will the Nurse Pratitioner role affect Healthcare?

In this paper identify a problem in the nursing field. The paper length will be 1000 words in length (word count does not include the references or the title page, but only within the paper itself) . It starts with a problem and ends with a solution to the problem. This makes the research problem very important as it serves as the axis around which the whole research revolves. A research problem begins with a question of concern to the researcher. It forms around the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHAT of a problem situation. Sources for research questions may arise from work, from something you read (that leaves you looking for more), and from theories that need to be tested. Obtain some peer reviewed articles in the area that you have identified for a total of 5 articles that are within the past 5 years from the databases from the Library or any search engine that you wish to use (as long as the articles are peer reviewed). The problem could be medication errors within your facility. It could be an increase in AMA’s in the emergency room (due to long wait times), the choice is yours. The paper is to be written in APA format, Times New Roman 12 pt font. Have a title page and a reference page with references in the appropriate order. When formulating the paper keep the following in mind:
Outline the general context of the problem area.
Identify key theories, concepts and other ideas central to the problem area.
Identify the underlying assumptions of the problem area. Why do you think it is a problem? Why do you think it is important to solve this problem? Why is an answer important? To whom is an answer important?
Read around the area to get to know the background (and history if necessary). This helps you more clearly define the unanswered question or identify more clearly the contradiction.
When formulating a research problem:

Is the problem of current interest?
Will the research results have value?
Will it be possible to apply the results to practice?
Does the research contribute to the profession of nursing?
Will the research help identify new problems and lead to further research?
Can you find the answer to the problem through research?

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