HSBC’s Global Operations Annotated Bibliography

HSBC’s Global Operations Annotated Bibliography
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Submit an annotated bibliography for your project with at least 8 citations. If you don’t know what an annotated bibliography is, here’s what I want you to do:
1) Collect a list of at least 8 sources of information that you plan to use for your project.
2) Look through those sources.
3) Make a bibliography with the 8 citations. Make sure to be consistent with the citation format you use.
4) Add a small paragraph for each citation (between 50 to 100 words). The paragraph (or annotation) should briefly describe the article or book you are citing, and explain why it is relevant to the project.

***I am going to attach the file for the work I have for this project it includes the 8 citations that needs to be used for the annotated bibliography***

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