Human Resources

Human Resources

Please answer three (3) of the following five questions. NO quotes or references. The answers need to be typed, double spaced, and no less than two full pages for each question. Please write the question and question number above the answer.

Questions (answer three):

1. It is common in the healthcare industry for executives, managers and certain professional staff to be offered an employment contract. Often the contract contains a severance agreement. Discuss why organizations offer such contracts. What are some advantages and possible disadvantages of an employment contract?

2. Discuss your views as to the importance of effective strategic planning in human resources, especially as it relates to workforce diversity.

3. Teams or work groups are common in the healthcare industry due to the complexity of the work. Identify and discuss three ways employers can be assured that every team member is performing appropriately and receives a fair and valid evaluation and compensation.

4. Discuss why selection of qualified candidates from a pool of applicants is critical to the human resources function of a healthcare organization. Identify and discuss at least three important steps in the selection process.

5. At the executive level in healthcare, matching the job applicant with the organizational culture is critical to create a proper “fit”. Discuss why “fit” is important and identify three reasons why an otherwise qualified candidate may not be a proper “fit” for the organization.

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