.Human Resources Management (HRM)

Human Resources Management (HRM)

the book, Transitions, William Bridges outlines the processes of undergoing changes in our life. Heoutlines and describes the phases of transition: the Ending Phase, the Neutral Zone, and the New Beginning. You have the opportunity to revisit an event of personal change you have
observed in someone else and to explore its process, using the phases outlined in Bridges’ text, as well as other materials that are relevant. Your paper should include the following:
a) an overview of the phases
of transition that Bridges outlines in the text,
b) a description of the your own or another’s transition process,
c) an analysis that examines how the phases fit (or not) with your personal experience or observation of change,
d) your ideas for how you or others can be most helpful for those going through personal change of the sort Bridges addresses.

In other words, how does the assignment advance your understanding of change? Be sure to outline the phases and concepts from the text that you are using; in other words, assume that the reader has not read the text.

Text: Bridges, W. (2004). Transitions: Making sense of life’s changes (2nd ed.). New York: Basic Books. ISBN 9780738209043.

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