If On a Winter's Night A Traveler (Calvino)

Classic English literature

Topic: If On a Winter’s Night A Traveler (Calvino)

Paper details:

4 separate days (labeled) of journal entries (thoughts and ideas) from reading the text in addition a 250 word reflection (conclusion) about what you discovered about the humanities from the text keeping in mind and using the subject list.
Day 1 reading: Chapters 1-4
Day 2 & 3 reading: Chapters 5-7
Day 4 reading: read to the end
Subject List: What social and political concerns of human intellectual development that shaped our Western Culture today can you identify in the texts? How does the text add to the history and development of our Western Culture? What role does the text play in shaping the Western mind? What basic concepts of Western ideology can you identify? How does the text contribute to our current cultural climate? What are the differences in the social and cultural ideology of the text compared to our current social and cultural ideology?

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