Impact of of Mobile Technology

Impact of of Mobile Technology
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1. Make corrections as suggested per mentor (his notes are in red).
2. Find and incorporate at least 5 peer reviewed current articles (2012 to present) pertaining to the student athletes challenges such as: do they graduate on time? Are they having to take remedial classes? Especially students at a D3 college where resourcess and tutors are not available to athletes as they are in D1 schools.
3. Refocus the “Background” paragraphs to zero in on the focus of this paper. Strategies to help them graduate on time. Evidence that they are an “at-risk” group, the struggles that they have-juggling course work and athletic commitments and support that with evidence.
4. Compare what the literature says about the non athlete and how long it takes them to graduate and earn a degree. How can mobile technology be used to keep the student current and have academic success using supporting evidence.

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