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The purpose of the infographic assignment is to compile your feasibility report’s process, research, and data to enable a broader audience to understand and retain the information.
Your Task

Students will compile the feasibility report findings into an infographic. Infographics convey information in a succinct way to increase understanding and retention. Students will determine the most important findings and carefully select an effective design format. Instead of assuming a role, the audience is your classmates. Unlike the board of director or senior management audience for the report, this audience is less familiar with the product, service, strategy, initiative, program, process, or change.

Using computer-assisted technology (I would recommend the free infographic site on the web – – though an infographic could be made in PowerPoint), prepare one infographic. This infographic should not merely “dump” all that you have learned about your leader into a graphic form, but instead should present high-level conclusions and recommendations based on your research.

Students will read and use the following chapters in the BCom text (in addition to those previously covered):
•Ch. 10 – Managing Data and Using Graphics

Before you create the infographic:
1.Perform a web search for infographic images to understand how data has been amassed to reveal high-level conclusions.
2.Review the following articles:

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design
Amy Balliett

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design: Revisited
Nathan Yau

10 Steps To Designing An Amazing Infographic
Josh Smith
3.Log into and get a feel for the ways this program presents the data.
4.Review the feasibility report for the most critical information that lead to your recommendation.
5.Select the best template – and then the best format within the template.
6.Prepare your data in the infographic format.

•The free site requires you to log in and create an account.
•In the account creation process, you are required to provide a user name and an email address. •You will be the only one with access to the account.
•At the end of the infographic creation process – regardless of the platform you choose – you will download the finished product image file, and upload the graphic to the designated assignment area for grading.

•Your Professor can only grade assignments uploaded to Moodle. Submit the URL in the assignment “comments” section. (There is a very brief tutorial in Week Six titled “Submitting the Infographic and References- ‘How to'”)
•In addition to the completed infographic, you will upload the APA reference list. Submit your Reference page as an attached document.
Criteria for Evaluation

Assignments will be assessed with the Written Deliverables rubric with attention to these areas:
•The infographic will feature at least two elements – one must be a chart (line chart, bar chart, pie chart) – make sure you adhere to proper format for charts (title, source, etc.) See “Reminders About Graphics” PowerPoint. The other element might be a picture, a video, a quote, etc.
•Responsive to the audience’s subject knowledge, attitudes, interests, and values as well as the purpose and occasion.
•Employs format specifications detailed in the “Your Task” section of this assignment description.
•Uses graphic elements to make data and comparisons easier to understand and retain.
•Incorporates effective language for the audience, purpose, and situation.
•Reflects professional communication standards including tone, research, APA documentation in-text and in a reference page (two sources required), grammar, and overall writing standards.

Remember for submitting this assignment:
Submit the URL in the assignment “comments” section.
In addition to the completed infographic, you will upload the APA reference list. Submit your Reference page as an attached document.

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