Informative Speech-Choose from four Topic's listed below

Informative Speech-Choose from four Topic’s listed below

Paper details:

Outline–Please use and complete the ‘Informative Outline’ attached.
Note card –Please write information from the outline on a word document with work cited after each phrase. This will be placed on the note cards for the presentation. Also, be sure to place the Transition Statements on the word document letting the speaker know when he/she is speaking of the next scenario.

After presenting your 7-9 minute speech, turn in any speech materials that you have used, including paper copies of required visual aids (place them in either a manila envelope or a pocket folder with your name on it).

Preparation (aka Formal) Outline format.

Preparation Outline (includes a Bibliography section, following APA style).

Please choose a topic from this list provided.
1. Becoming a United States citizen
2.. Children murdering children
3.. Financing a home
4.. Kids who commit crime

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