Integrating Security Into Change Management

Integrating Security Into Change Management

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Change is expected in IT organizations. Servers and infrastructure need to be installed, upgraded, replaced, repaired, and moved. Many IT organizations have grown from one-admin shops to major enterprise endeavors with budgets up to hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Communication and planning are the key for change to happen without any major business interruption. An organization cannot plan for all changes, so it needs to develop processes and tools to account for planned as well as unexpected changes, to maximize important service-level agreements (SLA) like reliability and availability, to minimize outages, and to minimize the impact of mistakes and conflicts on the business.

For this Application, consider that you are in the role of a security manager for a hospital. You have to help develop a change management program, along with staff from IT operations. At the hospital, there are many typical IT systems, such as e-mail servers, domain controllers, and routers. There are also systems that store and process patient data. It is very important that only certain staff, which is authorized, has access to these systems. In addition, the doctors rely on always having this information available. It is important to note that all systems that are involved in providing critical services to doctors must be considered as critical for change management purposes.

Submit a 2- to 3-page document that contains responses to the following questions:

Explain the mission of this project to introduce change management at the hospital. What are you hoping to accomplish and improve?
Provide several examples of critical systems and infrastructure at the hospital. Explain how you would manage planned changes for critical systems and infrastructure as compared to noncritical systems.
Explain the type of tools and communication structure that you would use as part of a daily change management routine. List some of the possible benefits that change management can provide for legal and regulatory compliance.
Provide three examples of unplanned changes that might occur at the hospital. How would you use change management to better prepare, prevent, and recover from outages and other problems?
Your document should conform to APA style.


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