Intelligence Collections Planning

will attach the following on word along with a few notes for understanding of intelligence collection methods that need to be used)
Please submit a Collection Plan for the scenario. The paper will be 6-8 pages, double-spaced, and should also include a title page, a List of References in correct APA format, and a 1-page Executive Summary. Your paper should be written for your senior principal and should reflect a manager’s perspective. You should think through the resources (literal and non-literal) available, and how you might plan and sequence collection to satisfy analysts’ priority intelligence requirements, which are outlined below. Included in your paper should be a discussion of a summary of the targets, limitations, and your alternate plan if you are unable to get the collection assets you request. After you have written your paper, please encapsulate the primary points of your paper in an Executive Summary and include this as the first page after the title page. Writing an Executive Summary is difficult because it requires you to be concise, tightly focused, and include only the most pertinent points of your paper. This is a necessary exercise that will serve you in your jobs and academic work. See the following link “The Report Abstract and Executive Summary” and scroll down to the end of the link to “The Executive Summary” for further reference.
THE ASSIGNMENT: Prepare a multi-INT (4) collection plan against all the targets defined in the scenario for analysts who are putting together products for senior leaders and operational commanders. The plan should follow this format:
• Describe the collection scenario (specific targets, timing, and method of collecting); • Describe the expected payoff, in terms of answers to the four sets of customer needs (counterterrorism, counter narcotics, military/counter proliferation, and weapons systems performance); • Assess the risks associated with the collection effort; • Describe the “back end” requirements to support the collected information; that is, what might you need to process the data, which might include translation of foreign language material, or processing and exploitation of technical collection. Develop a timeline for the use of the assets that you identify in this plan, and describe the communication among collectors that is required for the success of the effort. Additional notes on each INT: HUMINT Postulate the specific assets you propose to use (attaches, specific recruited sources or specific liaison sources, for example), and describe any additional features of the scenario that you think would be useful in your plan. You can create notional recruited assets to task. Describe these sources in detail but be realistic; do not use any of the Russian attendees as already recruited assets.
Collection Planning Project 2
COMINT or communication intelligence Identify the sources and types of communications that might be collected, and likely value of information collected. Possible communications include, but are not limited to: cell phones; microwave point-point; push-to-talk (PTT) radios; fiber optic cable; wireless computer networks; and internet communications. Identify potential COMINT liaison organizations (COMINT services of friendly countries) that might be in a position to assist, considering geography and mutual interest in the target, and indicate how you would use them.
Collection Planning Project 3
IMINT or imagery intelligence Consider the following types of imagery: Optical, SAR, nighttime infrared, multispectral and hyper spectral imaging. Identify the imagery rating scale you are assuming for each imagery type. Assume that you can obtain imagery of the target from different aspects, both on land and while the vessel is underway on the water.
Identify specific targets for materials or materiel collection and the intelligence that you expect to obtain from that target. Describe how you propose to collect the materiel or materials.
MASINT or Measurement and Signature intelligence collection to Identify the target(s) and what you are expecting to collect.
OSINT or Open Source Intelligence Be specific about the type and source of any open source material you plan to exploit.
Consider the analysts in the Community that have provided the following Priority Intelligence Requirements for senior leaders and operational commanders:
Counterterrorism: Representatives from the terrorist group Al’ Shaitan reportedly are interested in purchasing one of the craft to use for attacks on unspecified targets. An Al’ Shaitan cell is located somewhere in Singapore. Provide information on any contacts between the terrorist group and the Russians. Highest priority is learning Al’ Shaitan’s intended use of the craft, including intended targets. Next priority is on tracing the funding sources for the purchase.
Counter narcotics: Several narcotics trafficking organizations are reportedly interested in the craft as a seaborne delivery platform for their product. Identify any such groups who contact the Russian delegation; their intended use of the platform, to include area of operation; and provide details on purchases made and delivery terms.
Military/Counter proliferation: US DoD and Australian defense representatives have requested any details about planned sales of the craft to Indonesia, Pakistan or the Philippines. Include number of craft sold, terms of sale and planned delivery dates. Weapons Systems Performance: Provide details on the performance of the patrol craft (top speed, range, maneuverability, logistics support) and of the missiles (sensor type and performance, missile speed, operational profile, intended targets). Provide details on the reported stealth
Collection Planning Project 4
design, its effectiveness, and the hull materials used. Determine the type of propulsion system.

SCENARIO: The IMDEX Asia (International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference) is held every two years at the Singapore Expo, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore. This year, a Russian delegation proposes to showcase a new patrol boat at IMDEX Asia. A Russian brochure says that the boat is an advanced type of a very fast patrol boat, highly maneuverable, and optionally equipped with a new anti-ship cruise missile. Reportedly the craft has a new hull design that employs stealth technology and a revolutionary propulsion system. The craft was designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau of St. Petersburg, Russia. The Russians plan to set up a booth at the exposition with pictures of the boat and the missile. Reportedly, the boat’s designer Sergeiy, and the missile’s designer, Valeriy, and the sales representative, Viktor, will be at the booth during some times of the day. They may also be at the Russian hospitality suite in the Pan Pacific Singapore hotel during the evening. All Russian attendees are staying at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel.
The boat itself is anchored in the center of Marina Bay, Singapore harbor, approximately 200 meters from the nearest shore. It has one live-aboard guard, Igor, who reportedly has a propensity for drink. When off-duty, Igor can be found at Harry’s Bar on Boat Quay, a sleazy nightspot that features a live jazz band and jam sessions. Over the next two days, the boat will be taken out in the Straits of Malacca for a test demonstration of its speed and maneuverability. You have received reports that the Russians plan to use the craft to conduct a live anti-ship missile firing demonstration for their guests against a dummy target located in the Straits of Malacca. The guests, who will be on board during the test, include representatives of all the potential customer groups which could include terrorists, narcotics traffickers, and military officers from Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines, all interested in the craft for their own purposes.
Additional information: Communication Intelligence between the development facility in St. Petersburg and its test facility located near Kaspiysk, on the Caspian Sea has revealed that the craft was tested on the Caspian Sea. A commercial imagery search has located a prototype at coordinates at 42° 52’ 55”N 47° 39’ 24”E.

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