Intercultural Leadership

1. Consider a leadership position for which you are currently preparing or one that you hope to have in the future (or one that you currently hold, if applicable).

I’ve chosen the leadership role of: President & Founder of a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Company. That will be the base of this paper.

2. Describe the diverse organization (business, community, team, family, etc.) you might lead in the future (7 points). Describe the purpose of the organization and the nature of its members’ diversity (7 points). Describe the identity that you will bring to that position (6 points). Refer back to your pie chart (6 points) from module 1 and insights and knowledge you’ve gained from the class, etc

3. Within the context of your future leadership position (including challenges and opportunities, the nature of diversity within the organization, etc.), describe your approach (10 points) to leadership and the strategies (10 points) you will utilize given your personality and other characteristics identified above. Refer to the readings on leadership here.

4. Relate your discussion to at least three of the module 7 readings. Discuss important readings, articles, insights and knowledge gained from this class in general (9 points)

5. Discuss any change in your CQ cultural intelligence score after taking the post-test (10 points).

I’ve attached my pre & post test results. My score is a 30 point increase.


10 points: At least three pages

3 points: Excessive run-on sentences

3 points: Excessive grammar and spelling errors

4 points: Lack of clarity

9 points: Incorporation of 3 in text citations

Papers should be between 3 pages (minimum) and 6 pages (maximum), be double spaced and use 12 pt font. Remember to incorporate your readings into your paper and use in-text citations. Points will be deducted if proper citations are not used. No separate works cited page is needed here unless you use other sources than I provided you. Aim to use your own words, but when you quote or paraphrase, remember that in addition to including the author and date in the citation, you also need to include the page number of the quote: (Smith, 2015, p.1). After completing your paper submit it by clicking the ‘Paper 7’ link above.

FYI: Paper must be at least three pages long. No abstract needed. The sources uploaded must be cited in-text. A sample research paper is attached for format review purposes

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