International Operations Management

International Operations Management
Coursework Report question and instruction;
Analyse a real life company of your choice (this company can be from any industry, and be at any stage of internationalisation) for a new destination for internationalisation.
You are expected to explain through all theories of internationalisation. The theories should provide insight about the motivation, benefits, process (how this company internationalise) and form of internationalisation (entry mode). if you are proposing an early stage of internationalisation (exporting) then please explain how this decision can be developed for further levels of internationalisation (equity based internationalisation).
Choose a company:
– Any company that is legal
– Any company but company but choose one that is very unique and interesting to read
– Any company from any country but companies from developing and transition countries are better.
– Any company, size does not matter, smaller companies are better in fact
– Any company, technological advancement is not important, but companies with advanced technologies are better
Use theories to explain the internationalisation:
– Use Dunning Eclectic Paradigm (OLI) definitely
– Use learning theories of internationalisation definitely
– Choose at least on from Vernon’s PLC, Porter’s Diamond and Network Theories of internationalisation
– This means you need to cover at least three theories
At the end of the coursework
– Advise the company to internationalise to another country that they are not operating at this moment
– Advise them an entry form such as foreign direct investment, exporting (direct, indirect) and licensing.
– Advise them if possible a series of international expansion possibilities. One location following another such as if they build a factory in Mexico, they can use this to export to Latin American countries as well as US and Canada.
Structure of the Coursework:
– A short introduction that explains the company that you have chosen and the motive for internationalisation
– This should be followed by theories of internationalisation that you will explain and apply to your company. For example if you are using Dunning Eclectis paradigm then it is expected that you should have a section on the ownership, location advantages and internalisation. Also you should discuss the entry mode according to decision marking framework that has been explained within the lecture. The Uppsala school of internalisation however should explain and apply establishment chain, psychic distance and diversication. The establishment chain should have 2 state and 2 change elements into it. So we should remind you that we know the theories but would like to see how you have applied them with the companies.
– The last section of the coursework should explain your recommendations.
Important and useful Advice:
– The coursework is related to application of the theories rather than explaining the theories again. Please just explain the application of them.
– Key and most important points in the theories such as Dunning eclectic paradigm: ownership advantage, location advantage and internalisation, decision making framework, export,FDI, and licensing are key phrases that you may want to mark them as bond within the text. This will help the reader.
– Do not explain the company too much and should remind you that such analyses like SWOT, five forces etc will not be helpful for this coursework. you should concentrate on the theories of internationalization.

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