International Public Relations

International Public Relations

Paper details:

Class Assignment: Presentation + Reflective Essay
Due Date: Friday 3rd June
Grade Level: B+/A

Attached below is a guidelines for this class’s assignment, instructions & steps are all available in the attached file. This assignment has 2 parts; first part being a presentation, second is a reflective essay.

I really need my papers to reflect back to me, so they all need to be in sync and follow and use the same sense of style. As I have mentioned I am a mom, meaning I ALWAYS try to relate my assignments to a personal level for me to understand what your writer is saying as well as to use a parents over view makes things even more realistic and easier for me to understand directly what your team is handing over.
I have chosen a top for your team to work on for this assignment, please attach a link of the video below to the presentation also.

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