Internship report 3

Internship report 3

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Course Description:
This Internship course and opportunity is strongly experientially oriented and encourages students to develop their professional skills in a real world environment. This course will ensure that students combine theoretical knowledge with business, government, professional and operational methodologies, so as to expand analytic and strategic thinking capacities. It will prepare students for work in a national, international and multicultural environment. Students typically enroll in this course in their penultimate or final semester.

Course Learning Outcome:
1. Evaluate and apply knowledge gained the appropriate theoretical and/or empirical studies to a specific issue in a workplace.
2. Analyze the highly complex work environment and contribute expert knowledge.
3. Function autonomously in a workplace environment.
4. Offer leadership at the nexus of the intelligence community and national security objectives.
Attendance and Participation:
The minimum requirement of hours worked during the course of internship is 280 hours. The following table represents the minimum requirements.
Hours per Day Days per Week Hours per Week Weeks per Semester Total
Hours Total Credit
8 5 40 7 280 6
Provide Internship details

– Company: X (Security Company)
– Department: Admin & Projects Department
– Supervisor Department: Follow up Section
– Supervisor position: HR Advisor

Internship proposal (describe the internship you will be undertaken)
• Monitoring projects with follow up section team to ensure guidelines are maintained.
• Using different tools for monitoring and handling different projects at a time.
• Contributing in contract negotiations relating to (Security & Strategy).
Relevance of the internship (why the internship is relevant to the degree)
Admin & Projects department is an entity that specializes in strategically planning, promoting and managing sensitive projects matching the objectives of the armed forces future needs.
Job description:
1. Driving projects by ensuring the following are carried out in accordance with the defined expectations;

A. Progress; deliverables are being completed within the baselined time scale.

B. Quality; deliverables are being completed to defined expectations, first time.

C. Regulatory; all required statutory and regulatory conditions being met.

2. Administrative support, coordination and follow up of all matters relating to the projects engaged to.

3. Participating in ensuring the development, assessment and follow-up of projects (Especially in area of Security and Strategic).
A. Contribute to strategic development program.

B. Coordinate and implement the strategic project.

Develop logs: (7 Reports + Final Report)

The develop logs are not just Weekly Reports. These are reports of critical thinking about the activities you did that week. As well assessing the SWOT analyses you submitted in the beginning. Week-by-week report combined with analysis of the workplace and completed work.

Develop log:
Analysis of Weekly Activities
Week 2
During the first week, the main goal was acquaintance with the business under the supervisor who was supportive throughout the second week, as well, at the company. This week (Week 2), it was imperative that the interns continue knowing the organization, especially the Administration and Projects Department was assigned to. The HR Advisor, and the company at large demonstrated attentiveness to ensure the interns developed their future career.
This week, interns embarked on developing their careers with a keen focus on the future. Interns in the Administration and Projects Department continued to learn how to apply the Program Evaluation Review Technique and the Gantt Chart within the department relative to the various projects that were being managed. Using some of these tools was crucial in continued monitoring of the projects specifically in combating crisis management, in terms of their progress, quality, and regulatory expectations. To, further ensure career development, it was crucial to guarantee project clarity by leveraging the Gantt chart, as well as acquired communication skills. All through, the supervisor was very attentive and supportive to ensure that all activities were conducted in accordance with the company policies and standards. This way, the interns were able to remain not only professional, but also ethical in all their responsibilities. Indeed, the company is a career developer. According to Goldberg (2011), companies that promote their employees’ professional development communicate clear strategies and directions of the company.
One other aspect that stood out in the department of Administration and Projects, was the ability to make friends and acquaintances; all of who offer guidance and assistance with reference to administrative support activities. For instance, it is common for the interns to misprint their log-in password, and locked out of the system. This can cause one to become nervous as they assume that would raise a red flag and negatively implicate them professionally and socially. However, this is a simple mistake that one can get assistance from the staff who are quite supportive at the firm. It is simply a technical error and can easily affect anyone. Meanwhile, there was an impending deadline to meet that week. Everyone in the department was under pressure to achieve the project deliverables. Tis called upon the interns to have the skills of working under such conditions, view all the projects in the unit and leverage the requisite tools. Indeed, the Administration & Projects Department is goal-oriented. All the project teams exercised due diligence and commitment to achieve the project deliverables in time. Not a single employee slacked. As Goldberg (2011), maintains, goal-oriented departments ensure teamwork to achieve its objectives.
My most intriguing moments were attending meetings to see how things work. As teams strived to meet the deadlines, on day 4, an opportunity was offered to report on the project progress, which would make one to be a bit anxious. However, leveraging quality presenting skills one is able to articulate the report with precision. The head of the department is quick to make note of quality presentations. Actually, the working environment is supportive and believes in uplifting others. The meetings were advanced opportunities to establish professional networks. This was a litmus test for assessing who to rely on. Specifically, the department head, as well as the project team manager, are people that can assist in developing future career. Such supportive and confidence-lifting leaders motivate their employees to embark passionately in any given task (Goldberg, 2011). To further demonstrate their confidence in interns, the department required that they select two projects to supervise from week 3 In this case, the crisis management training and the platform communication systems for the military vehicles.
Week 3:
I selected two projects to supervise:
1) The Crisis Management Training.
2) The Platform Communication Systems for the Military Vehicles.

Points to cover:
1- Overview of each project.
2- Discussing the project term and condition in general: Determine main key holder, Time and Budget
3- Join the team work and distribution of Rules and Responsibilities
4- My Rules and responsibility in those two projects.
5- Relate all reports to area of Security and Strategic Study.
6- Add more if you think!!
7- Next week, I’ll start Follow-up the two projects.

Please see Documents attachments!!
1- Personal SWOT-Analysis
2- Develop Log 3
3- Make sure you avoid Professor previous comments: “Only one comment concerning using “I” all way long (The convention in much academic writing is to write with minimal reference to yourself as an author. The reason for this lies in a tradition of needing to present your work “objectively” rather than “subjectively” ) ”
Do not hesitate to contact me if any questions or inquires occur later.

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