Interview questions

Interview questions

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answer the following behavior based questions geared toward human resources.
Talent: Manage and Leverage Talent: Develops talent plans for own organization targeted at increasing effectiveness, building diversity, and enhancing bench strength. Manages roles, assignments, and developmental opportunities to maximize organizational performance. Ensures people processes (for example, selection, development, performance evaluation) lead to effective associate performance and desired results throughout own organization. Monitors associate performance and provides constructive feedback that is specific, honest, accurate, and timely. Provides learning opportunities, guidance, and support in the development of associates.
Question Describe the human resource tools you have used to achieve results in your organization. Please provide specific examples. – What information did you consider? – Who did you involve? – What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? – How did you determine the impact of you efforts? – What was the impact of your efforts on your associates and on the organization?

Build Relationships: Network Internally and Externally: Builds trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances with others, inside and outside of the organization. Relates to others in an accepting and respectful manner, regardless of their organizational level, personality, or background. Promotes a team-based work environment that respects, embraces, and values diversity in others.
Question How have you built trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances with others, both inside and outside of the organization? Please provide specific examples. – How did you build relationships? – How did you handle conflict or disagreements? – What steps did you take to help team members work together? – What was the impact of your efforts?

Judgment: Make Informed Judgments: Uses relevant business metrics, analyses, and reports to measure, monitor, and improve performance. Identifies and applies sound, fact-based criteria in setting priorities and making decisions. Looks beyond symptoms to determine the root causes of problems, and identify and implement applicable solutions. Integrates knowledge and expertise in making fact-based recommendations and decisions.
Question Describe the steps you have taken to identify and implement solutions for problems affecting business performance and results. Please provide specific examples. – What steps did you take? – What information did you consider and why? – How did you identify the root causes of the problems? – What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? – How did you determine the effectiveness of your solutions? – What was the outcome?

Leads Inventory Flow Process: Manages the inventory flow process (for example, on-hand accuracy, staffing, managerial routines) to ensure merchandise is replenished and in-stock. Teaches effective inventory flow processes to unit leadership. Collaborates with external partners (for example, Home Office replenishment, buyers, DSD suppliers) on inventory replenishment processes. Monitors and evaluates the facility to identify problems with inventory flow and signs of shrinkage, and takes appropriate corrective action.
Question What steps have you taken to ensure that current inventory processes are being followed daily? – What was your role? – What data or reports did you use? – Did you involve external partners or vendors in your efforts? If so, please describe. – How did you identify signs of shrinkage? – What changes did you make when you identified improvement opportunities? – How did you determine the impact of your efforts?

Enhances Total Customer Experience: Executes standard company procedures and strategic initiatives that drive customer experience. Serves as an advocate and champion of associate ideas for improving the products and services provided to local customers; and implements these ideas in ways that produce a positive impact on sales, customer service, and competitive advantage. Proactively develops and implements plans to reduce the negative impact of external factors on customer traffic and sales volumes, and helps others do the same. Utilizes information, data, and feedback about the store’s strengths and weaknesses, and those of competitors, to identify and implement pricing, products, services, and displays that will produce competitive advantage. Utilizes associate ideas to develop and implement new ways to provide a convenient, safe, and pleasant shopping experience for customers. Builds associate skill levels in responding to customer complaints in an effective and timely manner.
Question Describe the initiatives you have implemented to improve the Customer shopping experience. Please provide specific examples. – Did you incorporate Associates’ suggestions into this process? If so, please describe. – What external factors did you consider? – What was the impact of your efforts on sales, service, and competitive advantage? – What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them? – What was the outcome?

Execution and Results: Ensure Execution and Achieve Results: Conveys a sense of urgency in ways that motivate others to complete responsibilities and achieve goals. Pursues the achievement and alignment of measurable and meaningful goals. Leverages resources and talent to achieve business goals. Ensures others are held accountable for achieving expected results. Prioritizes and balances time, actions, and projects to ensure accomplishment of results. Monitors progress of others and redirects efforts when goals change or results are not met.
Question Describe the steps you have taken to ensure associates are achieving results. Please provide specific examples. – How did you promote accountability? – What did you do that succeeded? What didn’t? – How did you monitor Associate progress? – How have you conveyed a sense of urgency to associates? – What was the impact of your efforts?

Planning and Improvement: Ensure Planning and Improvement: Sets clear expectations, performance measures, and goals, and helps others do the same. Plans for and ensures others have the information, resources, implementation time, and talent needed to accomplish business initiatives. Identifies and plans for improvement in performance using key business metrics.
Question What business metrics do you use when determining the best ways to improve performance or achieve business goals? Please provide specific examples. – How have you used these metrics to set goals? – What resources and information did you provide to achieve desired results? – What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? – What has been the outcome of your efforts?

Manages Finances: Demonstrates sound financial management skills, including interpreting, analyzing, and explaining financial data and information. Manages budgets and ensures budgets and financial performance are aligned with business strategic requirements. Ensures assets, liabilities, revenues, and operating expenses are accounted for and reported. Complies with Company financial policies and procedures. Compiles and evaluates financial data to ensure operating procedures meet business needs. Monitors financial data and trends to identify and respond to market changes and other areas of opportunity.
Question Describe a time when you used financial data to make a business decision. – What type of financial data was involved? – How did you determine which information was relevant? – What types of analyses did you conduct? – How did you incorporate business strategic requirements into your analyses? – What was the outcome?

Social Responsibility and Reputation: Strengthen Reputation and Local Involvement: Participates in and supports community events, and conducts business in a manner that creates and maintains a ‘good neighbor’ image. Develops external relationships and partnerships to strengthen the reputation of the company. Serves as a credible and effective spokesperson and representative for the company.
Question Describe a community event that you led or participated in that you feel resulted in a positive image for the company. – What was the event? – Who was involved? – What did you do to encourage others to get involved? – What was the community response during and after the event? – How do you think your involvement has affected business?

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