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Part 1
In order to complete Part 1 of this assessment, you will need to find information from outside sources. For the purposes of this particular assessment, it is not necessary to conduct exhaustive research, or to support every statement with citations. You will, however, need to complete a references list, so choose credible Internet resources and keep track of them. You should be able to draw sufficient information for the table portion of this assessment by conducting a superficial Internet search. Focus on understanding the general developments in health care beliefs and practices across history.

Complete the following:

Click the link in the Resources (under the Required Resources heading) to open the Heath Care Evolution Table. Use this template to keep track of the information you gather on the topics listed. You will submit the completed template as Part 1 of your assessment.
Note important activities, events, inventions, or other developments for each health care topic (by row), in each time period given (by column). Write no more than a few phrases or brief sentences in each table cell.
You can probably complete most of the Contemporary Period column of the table based on your acquired cultural knowledge. For this period, focus on modern Western standards rather than conditions worldwide.
You might be able to find a few resources that provide answers for several topic areas if you base your search on the historical periods (the columns). Try combining the time period with the specific topic as your search terms.
As you fill in the table, notice how health care beliefs and practices have changed over time. Based on the trends and patterns you see, project what you think health care will be like in the future, in regard to each of the topic areas.
Once you have completed the table, use the Description of Findings space in the template to write two or three paragraph in which you address your findings on ways health care beliefs and practices have changed over time. Consider the following:
What trends do you notice?
Are all of the changes positive improvements? Why or why not?
Use the References section of the template to list relevant references in APA format.
Part 2
You will notice from completing the Health Care Evolution Table that many of the advances in health care were based on medical research. In today’s world we have a developed an innovative way to manage and treat disease based on technology (equipment and pharmaceuticals).

For the second part of this assessment, choose a health disease or condition (such as diabetes, depression, or cancer) that interests you.
Click the link in the Resources (under the Required Resources heading) to open the Disease Prevention Table. You will submit this template as Part 2 of your assessment. Complete the table with the following information:
At the top of the page, list the health disease or condition you have chosen to examine.
Identify at least one health activity that could prevent or treat the condition or disease, at each of the three prevention levels.
Identify the dimension or dimensions of health that would be affected. (Many diseases and conditions affect more than one.)
Identify which health field concept element (or elements) would affect this condition or disease.
Identify the location where the health activity or care would be provided:
Inpatient (with an overnight stay in the hospital).
Outpatient (in an appointment with a health care provider).
Long-term care (such as in a rehabilitation center).
Other (such as through a behavior choice). If you choose “other,” add a brief explanation in the box.
After you have completed the table, use the Analysis space in the template to write a paragraph or two describing each prevention level as it relates to your chosen disease.
Indicate whether a person with this disease is well or ill at each level, or if this is not applicable to the condition.
Explain your answers, incorporating how the dimensions of health care make a difference.
Support your responses with evidence from scholarly research.
Use the References section of the template to cite your resources in APA format.

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