Kokubu Food Company.

Kokubu Food Company.

Part 2:

For part II of the assignment, read the required articles and then write a 3-5 page paper answering the Kokubu case study questions. Be sure your discussion demonstrates that you understand the meanings and differences between data, information, and knowledge. In your discussion, give a real-world example of data, knowledge, and information in the context of the Kokubu Food Company.

Kokubu management has asked you to be the company consultant and prepare a management analysis of the business to help assess the firm’s current situation and future plans. To familiarize yourself with Kokubu’s background, you should review the corporate information, functions and business, and social and environmental conservation activities in the website. Particular attention must be given to the functions and business link to appreciate how IT supports Kokubu operations and knowledge management activities within the company.

Review the Kokubu website at http://www.kokubu.co.jp/english/business/ and after finding the answers to the Case questions, prepare a summary in 3-5 pages analyzing the following questions.

What kind of organizational trends are evident in the Kokubu case when we consider the business environment, management, and technology?
Discuss the IT applications to the company operations as discussed in the website.
Why is the company considered to be customer focused?
The CEO said his company “created a culture where people are addicted to data, information, and knowledge.” What does he mean by that, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of such a culture?
As a reminder, you must have at least two outside scholarly references when you write cases.

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