Leader Profile: Johnnes Gutenberg

Leader Profile: Johnnes Gutenberg

Order Description
Each student will be assigned a leader to profile. This profile will become part of a publically available searchable database and the student will be noted as the author. If access is available to students, each student will load his/her profile into the database software after posting in the appropriate discussion board. Each profile must include, the following information:

Leader’s popular name

Leader’s full given name

Leader’s sex



Years of leadership. Example: 2000-2012

Leader style

Leader philosophy

Leader field. Ex: military, politics, music, drama.

Leader culture: Using the Cultural Web, describe the context of the leader’s surroundings.

Notable highlights about the leader, including details about service, contributions to society, and impact as leader. How did this leader set the stage for improved performance and success?

Notable mistakes by this leader with enough details to inform the average reader.

Notable Contemporaries (minimum of 3). These contemporaries must be alive and active during the years of leader’s life.
Criteria for Assessment;

1) This will be a single-spaced profile that will be no longer than 2 pages total, excluding references. No cover page. Indented paragraphs.

2) Author name and brief author note following the profile.

3) APA style references and writing conventions.

4) 10 scholarly resources, minimum

5) Professional and scholarly approach to writing.
Johnson and Scholes’ Cultural Web

Use this model to describe the context in which your leader is working. This is not about the leader; instead, this is about your leader’s surroundings. You will find a brief explanation at this website:


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