Leadership Studies

viewing an episode of Twelve O’clock High in class, write 4 pages analysis of the leadership challenge facing General Frank Savage.Include a description of leadership styles, decision making styles, and strategy. A thorough analysis will include elements discussed in class and from our readings such as, communication, defensive reasoning, decision making style, etc..

This is the video link that you have to watch carefully to do the paper.

Caution: Do not use the Internet to attempt to find out information about this episode, or confuse this episode with a movie of the same name. Use only course material to identify the leadership challenge facing General Savage. A thorough analysis will include his decision making style, communication style, and leadership styles.

I have attached all the class materials (PowerPoint’s) that you have to read them carefully plus the video to write the paper.

**Please be careful Do not use Google or any website or outside sources.
(Just read the article that I mentioned above clearly).

I am an international student so please easy wording is required.
NO plagiarism.

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