Leadership style self-reflection

Leadership style self-reflection
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Project Requirements

Leadership style self-reflection.

Write a (6-8) page report (not including Cover Sheet & References):

1) Provide a brief biography of yourself.. Write as a narrative– not bulleted.

Background focusing on leadership/management positions.
Community activities- focusing on leadership/management positions e.g. Patrol leader in scouts; president of Rotary etc.
2) Describe your leadership style coming into this class.

3) What are your strengths. Cite two examples from your life where you demonstrated exceptional leadership
4) What are your weaknesses. Cite two examples from your life. How did this impact your leadership/follower relationship?
5) How have you or how will overcome your leadership weaknesses as a result of taking this course. Cite examples
6) Based on some 15 different leadership styles discussed in this course what 2-3 new leadership characteristics/styles do you see yourself adopting?

Cite specific chapters within Northouse (annotate your references in your Works Cited and provide page numbers in End Notes page using APA format).

Your report should include references from 4-5 scholarly sources, in addition to Northouse (Wikipedia is not a scholarly source).

Styles of leadership:

1- Transformational leadership.
2- Authentic leadership.
3- Servant leadership.
4- Adaptive leadership.
5- Leadership ethics.
6- Team leadership.

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