Lean Sigma change framework

This activity will count toward discussion, as a part of your 8 required posts. To receive full credit for participation; the post must be 250 words, include a substantive discussion point, a reference and an example that emphasizes the point made. References can include the text, as well as other appropriate academic resources that are no more than 5 years old. It is encouraged that you post at least one day early in the week so that you don’t get behind trying to juggle assignments and discussion.
A colleague new to the organization asks you to explain Lean Sigma. How would you describe the Lean Sigma change framework?
What change strategies have you seen used when change was managed effectively? What strategies were used when change did not go well?
How can teams be used to more effectively to manage change?

Explain why you agree or disagree, and add some examples to support your belief.
Using examples or experiential discussions alone will not meet the requirements
of substantive posts. (Reference from the text or other current literature and web
sites is expected.)
Relate personal and/or work experiences to the topic at hand.
Ask additional questions of your classmates.
Make connections between the topics at hand and the readings in the text.
Add ways you can apply the lessons from the class in your work and educational life.

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