Learning Activity 1.4: Ethically Transformed Organizations

Learning Activity 1.4: Ethically Transformed Organizations

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Learning Activity 1.4: Ethically Transformed Organizations

Introduction and Purpose of Assignment
Ethics are vitally important to the life of an organization. In order to see this, you must know what makes an organization ethically disengaged and what makes an organization ethically responsible. You should also consider what elements must be present in an ethically transformed organization or business.


• Contrast unethical organizations with ethically transformed organizations. (1.2)

Theory and Context
Consider the importance to the individual of the ethical culture of the organization and the importance of the individual to the culture of the organization. Brooke Deterline discusses the temptation to avoid confronting ethical challenges.

Tedx talks. (2012). Creating ethical cultures in business: Brooke Deterline at TEDxPresido [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzicXbnmllc

1. In the discussion forum:
a. Which ethically decoupled characteristics have you experienced within an organization? Respond in a way that does not reveal the identity of the organization.
b. Was knowledge of these characteristics apparent by leadership?
i. If so, did that knowledge lead to change within the organization? What transformative steps were taken?
c. If not, what could have been done to promote an ethical transformation?
i. Consider the role of the individuals within the organization.
2. Post your responses in the discussion forum titled Wk1 Ethically Transformed Organizations.
4. Use the Discussion Rubric below to ensure you have met all the criteria for this assignment.

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