Learning Team: Test Questions

Learning Team: Test Questions

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Complete the test questions at the end of these chapters. For every test question, it is mandatory to include at least 1 paragraph explaining why the answer is chosen and the explanation must demonstrate your understanding of the concept. Note that no points will be awarded if only the answer is selected without the explanation. Please refer to the instructions for the week 2 assignment or the Instructor Policies for information regarding use of outside sources.

This is a team assignment; work together to devise a format that will work for you and that is consistent and professional-looking, such as what you would write for work. The final submission should be one document for the team.

The document should follow APA format. Any sources used, including the textbook, must be cited properly and a reference page should be included.

Last, the team as a whole is responsible for turning in something for all chapters and all questions. If a team member is not contributing as they should, it is the responsibility of the team to contact that person early in the week, through all means possible, to obtain their contributions or to work out a contingency plan to get the work completed.

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