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Please do incorporate the biblical references if these are the earliest references to Leprosy that you can find. Yes, contrast it with the modern understanding of Hansen’s Disease and both the historical and modern treatment of it.

I want to know how it was discovered. What do we know about the historical experiences of persons with it when it was initially discovered? Were there treatments for it at that time? How has the experience of persons with Leper changed over time? Is the experience better or worse? How is the condition managed today? How has the medical community responded to leprosy over time? Is treatment the same? Has it changed? Is there any evidence of change in terms of how persons with leper live in the modern age? What are those changes? What are the social experiences of persons with leper? The individual experiences of a person with leper could be a SMALL part of the paper. You could write a little about how your own perceptions of leper have changed since beginning your research in the conclusion of the paper. You could definitely write about any researched perceptions of societies view of leprosy.
The paper must contain a significant historical and contemporary perspective on the disability you choose to write about. This is in keeping with the overall theme of the course. The paper must contain a majority of material about the historical and contemporary “experiences” of persons with disabilities. Etiology may be included in your paper, but etiology may only be a very small portion of the paper. Etiology, simply put, is the diagnostic and statistical information associated with a disease, disorder, syndrome or condition. All references must be cited within the body of the paper and on a reference page. Special Note: NO PLAGIARIASM, Wikipedia is not a reliable citation source for your research paper. I will not accept Wikipedia as a citation source for your research paper. In the world of academia, Wikipedia is not generally considered to be a trustworthy source for primary citations of any kind, because Wikipedia contributors are not always recognized experts on the topics they write about.

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