Letter of Reference

Letter of Reference
500 word Letter of Reference for a fitness instructor as she is applying for Instructor of the Year award, below are her qualities, and the questions that should be answered are the following:
1- Why would I nominate her
2- what are the goals she helped me to achieve
3- attitude I liked about her
– she builds new challenging fitness classes
– helped me to achieve my fitness goal lost 8-10 Kg in a year taught me how to eat healthy and gave me nutrition tips
– she had advanced technical skills that explains in executing carefully
– punctual
-engaging new participants to maintain attending classes, motivating us
– she is a leader and a role model
-always smiling and welcoming
– takes extra step to explain and teach
– the classes with her are a learning journey she always try to advance us
-encourages us to challenge ourself according to our levels

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