Log – Walker “Everyday Use” and Lecture – Flannery O'Connor

Reader’s Response Log – Walker “Everyday Use” and Lecture – Flannery O’Connor

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I am a 27 male latino from California, i am providing this information if needed for answering section 3 (personal connection)

Read Walker “Everyday Use” and Lecture – Flannery O’Connor
Then, select three direct quotes from each book you have read that are important to you or “stand out” some way and write them in the left hand column, word for word, using quotation marks and adding the page number. In the right hand column, write your responses to each of the quotes you’ve selected. Number them this way: 1) explain the context (where you describe what’s happening at this point in the story); 2) analyze the literary element or term that the quote represents or illustrates (refer to Backpack Literature’s chapter 1 for “Terms for Review”), being sure to bold the terms you use; and finally, 3) make a personal connection to the selection by sharing a similar experience, some insight you have about the selection, or any questions you may have for the author. Be thorough and thoughtful, and I look forward to reading your responses!

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