Management of Change

Management of Change

Specify the position and company you started and ended up with in the Management of Change business simulation. Briefly describe any formal and informal job changes you had in the course of the simulation.
(70% of the overall mark)

1. Based upon your simulation experience and your understanding of theoretical concepts and models, identify and discuss what you believe to be the three (3) most important personal competencies that managers need to have to enable them to:

• Plan and implement organisational change.
• Manage stakeholders in the changing environment.

2. Propose a systematic process by which an organisation can select managers with these competencies and develop these competencies in existing managers.
This work should contain references to actual simulation events, as well as to additional reading (peer-reviewed journals and reference books). The module notes can point you in the direction of reference authors you may find useful. Meaningful use of at least 15 relevant academic references, apart from the module notoes, would be considered acceptable. Reference citations in the text need to be related to accurate content that is central to the reference author’s work. In-text reference citations of trivial comments will not be considered to have any academic value.

If using internet sources, please take note that you are only allowed to use valid, academically acceptable websites. Websites like Wikipedia, businessballs and mindtools, weblogs and individuals’ contributions to internet forums, for example, are not acceptable reference sources. Please also take great care not to intentionally or unintentionally plagiarise from any reference source.

Excluding appendices if any, this assignment should be completed in 3000-3500 words (3500 words is the maximum).

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