Managing Profession Skill Diversities In Higher Education Recruitment Process

Project Title: “Managing Profession Skill Diversities In Higher Education Recruitment Process”

1) Table of contest page

2) Abstract: A very short overview that indicates the issue that was investigated, the research questions, the approach taken, the main findings and the conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)

3) Introduction: An introduction to the topic and its importance for the organization and/or to HR practice in general as well as an explanation of the research objectives, aims, terms of reference or the hypothesis to be examined. There should also be a brief overview of the rationale of the forthcoming sections or chapters (2-3 pages). Keep in mind explaining HR in managing salaries of higher education faculties according to their discipline. And include this research question as the thesis + the Research method that will be used in this paper:

a) Research question:
How are professional skills used to manage faculty in an academic setting?

And please note that the answer of the question should be provided from the findings + should cover these additional information:
(a) Faculty members teach according to their professional skill
(b) Faculty members are paid according to their professional skill
(c) Published data from the Chronicles of Higher Education is needed as a proxy: Report of Faculty Salaries by discipline.

b) Research method:
This paper will use a qualitative research method, and secondary data and information from different articles and chronicles of higher education.

4) Literature Review: Use at least 5 references out of the 8, from the findings. This is where you establish your enquiry in its wider context and explain how your research builds on what is already known about the topic. Be sure to show how the review of the literature has influenced your research questions as well as your research approach.
5) Data Collection: This must me a data table from the Chronicles and the area of the topic
6) Data Analysis: Summarize in details what the previous data table says
7) Conclusion & personal comments on the project
8) References: (internet search and articles – should be from 2007-2016)

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