Mapping Globalization

Mapping Globalization

Examine the two world maps in the Project Resources. One map depicts a production route of a pair of jeans in 1922. The other shows a route in 2013.

Then, using your own words, write an explanation of why the production routes changed over the 91 years between the two maps. Address the following:

What are some important differences you see between these two routes?
What is globalization?
What political, economic and sociocultural factors led to globalization? Provide at least one example for each factor.
What are some of the economic consequences (good and bad) of the changes in Levi’s manufacturing process, and whom do they affect? Remember, a bad consequence for some people might be a good consequence for others, and vice versa.
What are some of the noneconomic consequences of globalization?
What other questions or ethical issues does globalization raise?

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