Marketing – Chapter 6 – Consumer Decision Making

Marketing – Chapter 6 – Consumer Decision Making

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based on Chapter 6 of TEXTBOOK: Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel: Marketing 12e, South-Western/Cengage Learning,2013
Please make sure to address ALL Four points:
**The text states that one’s family is the most important external influence on consumer behavior. Do you agree or disagree? If you disagree, what’s first? If you agree what do you believe is second? Why?

** The text presents its version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Pick a level and tell how an organization with a marketing orientation could use this hierarchy to design appropriate marketing mix components.

** In a society that says it’s trying to achieve gender equality, why do marketers say gender influences consumer behavior?

** Did anything you learned in this chapter surprise you? If so, what and why?

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