Millennium Goals

Step 1: Review the UN Millennium Goals Report overview.
Step 2: Choose one of the goals that most interests you. Goal 1 ( Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger)
Step 3: Give a brief summary of the goal in your own words – no quotations – but be sure to cite paraphrased information.
Step 4: Research the current status of that goal using the UN website, scholarly journals, and other IGO/NGO sources of reference based on involvement.
Step 5: Write an overview of the current status of that goal. Include the portions of the goal that have been met, what actors are involved and be sure to explain how.
Step 6: What does the accomplishment of this goal mean for the future of IGO/NGO cooperation and the greater good of the global community?

I will attach Millennium Goals Report-I have selected Goal 1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger as my choice.

Do not use a cover page. Your name and assignment name, date, page numbers, etc. should be in a header. In Word, go to “insert” and then “header.” Use the “help” function to learn more about inserting a header in Word. This professionalizes your work.

Use standard Word settings for the assignment. Double-space, 12 pt. font, 1” margins. Use subheadings to set off the various sections of the paper, giving the subheadings a catchy title to let the reader know what’s in the section.

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