“Modernism” is often described as an artistic reaction to major conflicts among the social forces that arose from “modernity,” and many of the works we have studied reflect a form of social imbalance (ie: class, gender, race, colonialism, economics, etcetera). Consider one or more texts by taking into account how they respond to their cultural and historical circumstances.2.Both The Picture of Dorian Gray and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man engage in significant critiques of contemporary society and culture on topics ranging from sexuality, religion, education, imperialism, class, and ethnicity. They are also stylistically inventive and explicitly engage in aesthetic debates. This sets style against social critique, each in contrast with the other. Do style and social critique conflict or do they mutually interact in one or both of the novels? Does one (style) reflect the other (social vision), or are these unrelated issues in the novels?
3.Consider any of the works we have read to date in relation to Modernism as an aesthetic movement. Bear in mind the conflicting and contested notions of the various Modernisms each text can potentially reflect.”

i picked Topic 2 to write
and got feedback from professor

“This is a poorly written paper. You do not have a thesis statement in your paper so your reader cannot have any idea what your intention is. Also, there is no need for subtittles. You can transition your ideas between books or themes. Before you hand in your next essay, please make sure that all your in-text citations are appropriately entered (author page number). Also ensure that MLA citation style is used. Your book titles must be italicised and the letters of each main word in the title capitalised. For example: The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

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