Not-For-Profit Entity

Not-For-Profit Entity

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please type about a donation for company not for profit and show the most recent financial statements no sources allowed it’s based on your own writing.
We have just studied the accounting methods for Not-for-Profit Organizations. Many of us currently donate or are interested in donating to various not-for-profit organizations. For this activity, choose an organization that you currently support or that you would consider supporting. Go to the organization’s website and gather information about the organization and look at their financial information to determine how much they spend on program expenses and other supporting service costs, such as general and administrative, fundraising etc.


1) Type a summary that gives an overview of the organizations purpose, in your own words, references some financial aspects of the organization and provides your opinion as to whether you would or would not contribute to the organization you chose. (About 3/4 to 1 page summary)

2) Include a copy of the information you found that supports your summary.

3) Include a typed cover page with your name, date, course name, instructor and assignment title (Optional Activity-NFP).

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