Organizational Interview (20%)
· You will choose another member of the organization to interview. In so doing, be sure to ask questions that will elucidate (a) the employees’ role in the organization and (b) what being an employee of the organization truly entails. Some interesting questions might include issues dealing with (a) the organizational culture, (b) the organizational mission statement, (c) social networking, (d) the opportunity for upward advancement, (e) methods of communication, (f) issues of management and leadership, (g) issues of decision-making, and (h) issues dealing with organizational feedback. Each interview paper should be approximately five pages in length, detailing not the types of questions that you asked, but rather what you learned about the organization (and organizational employees) as a result of the interview.
· I want you to say that you interview my boss Cesar Sabroso. He is the Senior VP Marketing at A&E. Look him up in the internet and get information from him. So you know who you are talking about.

This is the latin one.
This the domestic as in USA
Read it and talk what the company is all about but more in your own words and do not plagiarism.

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