Part III Discussion –

Part III Discussion –
The purpose of the discussions are to give you an opportunity to interact with your instructor and fellow classmates regarding topics from each of the sections. You must post your original post before the other posts will appear.

In order to do well on each discussion you should:

1) Read through the selection of questions and pick ONE prompt to answer. Be sure to label which question you are responding to.

2) Make sure you answer the discussion prompt in at least 1 paragraph (5-7 sentences). Your answer should be as specific as possible.

3) Cite any information that you use (even if its just a textbook page, or you can cite the readings, a website, the video you’ve watched, etc.)

4) Respond to at least ONE other students prompt by the end of the week. Your response should build on the previous students post. Simply saying “I agree, good point,” will NOT earn you points.

**You must post a response BEFORE Canvas will allow you to read your classmates responses**

**ALL RESPONSES MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Materials should NOT be copied and pasted from any website or the textbook. Doing so will result in a 0, and is grounds for academic misconduct.

Part III Discussion Prompts

Please pick ONE of the following prompts to answer. You should use evidence and material from Chapters 13 & 14, and the Week 5 Videos, to show your knowledge of the material. Then, please respond to at least ONE of your classmates responses in a thoughtful and web appropriate manner.

1. What were 2 important long term causes (meaning events before 1850) leading up to the Civil War? Explain each of your examples. What do you think were the 3 most significant short term causes (meaning, after 1850) of the Civil War? You should explain each of your examples, and why do you think they constitute as significant causes leading up to the Civil War.

2. What is Manifest Destiny? In what ways was the Mexican American War part of “manifest destiny?” In what way did wester expansion affect the building tensions between the North and South, and how does it constitute as a cause of the Civil War?

3. Why is the Civil War considered the first modern war? Give at least 2 examples to justify your answer. In what way did new technological advancements play an important role in the changing atmosphere of the Civil War? Give at least 3 examples to justify your answer.

4. What role did American Indians play during the Civil War? Who was Ely Parker? What stance did the Cherokee Nation take during the Civil War and why? Who was Stan Waite? Were American Indians allowed to enlist in the war effort? What impact did the American Civil War have on American Indians? Your answers should relate to this week’s video, “Indian Warriors: The Untold Story of the Civil War.”

5. Explain the role that the mini-ball, the railroad and the telegraph each played in transforming the atmosphere of the Civil War. What role did photography play during (or after) the Civil War? In what ways did the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address leave a significant impact on the course of the war?

6. Why weren’t black men allowed to enlist for the Union when the Civil War broke out? After the Emancipation Proclamation, what roles did African American men take within the Civil War? In what ways was the Civil War experienced differently by women living in the North, and women living in the South. Consider the jobs and roles of women in each area, and also the ways in which race and class would have changed women’s experiences deepening on where they were living during the Civil War.

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