Patient Centered Care

1) Discuss in detail the concept of patient-centered care, be sure to include in your discussion both the cultural and ethical concerns of being able to provide patient centered-care. Based upon your reading and research who does the primary burden of providing quality patient centered care fall upon? In your opinion are they adequately prepared to provide this? Why or Why not.

2) Defend the position, Pro or Con regarding the current state of Health care reform in the United States based upon the Health Care delivery system current in place. Include in your position how this reform not impacts the whole of society (Patient, Provider, Pharmaceutical industry, Insurance, and Taxpayers). In summation of your position outline what are some primary concerns for the future of our healthcare system. Define Family Theory. Include in your definition the function of family theory and the purpose of family theory. Do you believe that family theory serves a purpose in today’s society? Why or Why not? (Be Specific).

3) Discuss in detail the role of that Health Care Technological advancements have in society today. In doing so address whether or not everyone has access to the most advanced technology, how it impacts affordability, and how it impacts the idea of providing quality patient centered care.

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