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In 8 typed, double-spaced pages, please write a personal narrative that focuses an aspect of interpersonal communication that has been a theme in one of your personal relationships. In other words, you will draw upon your own personal experience where you exhibited patterned, interpersonal behaviors and use this example to illuminate a lesson about interpersonal communication. In addition to functional aspects of communication, please also consider any “dark” aspects of communication that might be affecting the relationship you are examining. Think of it as a “teachable moment” where your experience will allow others to gain insight into interpersonal communication, while learning about the functional and dysfunctional interplay in our interpersonal interactions.
Identify core themes, concepts, and theories that are relevant to your narrative. I am expecting a minimum of 10 scholarly sources for this paper. Any paraphrased or directly quoted material should be cited in proper APA style. Scholarly sources means published, peer-reviewed journal articles or books . So for example, I might focus on my relationship with my sister. Since our father died and my mom moved in with my family, I find that my sister and I are drifting away from each other. I would consider the concepts of self-disclosure, Social Penetration Theory or Communication Privacy Management and the “dark” topic of “messages that hurt” in using this narrative to explain an important aspect of interpersonal communication. I might also look at research done on sibling relationships to see if more insight could be gained on oldest/youngest relationships.
1. 10 Schol;arly articles
2. West, R. & Turner, L. (2015). IPC3. Boston, MA: Wadsworth

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