Poetry representing love and life

Poetry representing love and life
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Context: Poetry has long been valued as an art form that represents life and love. You have read and analysed a selection of poetry across the eras, from Elizabethan to contemporary. In this study, you have seen how poetry, like all literary genres, is shaped by the prevailing ideologies of the time.

Deliver a persuasive speech to the staff of your school’s English Department in which you advise them to include a certain poem/song in the Year 12 poetry unit and to exclude another poem/song. The poem/song can be selected from any era.

Aim to invite a particular reading of the song/poem you feel is appropriate (promote it) and a different reading of the poem/song you believe should not be included (challenge it). That is, you will promote or argue in favour of the ideological relevance and aesthetic appeal of one poem/song and challenge or argue against the relevance and appeal of another poem/song.

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