Political science

a summary of the debate over oil and gas exploration in ecologically sensitive areas and related issues such as alternatives to fossil fuels exploration. It was announced in April that the Obama Administration is allowing oil and gas exploration to return to the U.S. areas of the Arctic, which has brought forth much commentary in support of and in opposition to the announcement. For this assignment, (1) read carefully the Issue section of Chapter 15 on this topic (pp. 461-2) and then write an essay in which you explain your own informed opinions on this matter. It is understandable if your feelings are not fully developed and you have uncertainties; that’s ok. Just try to explain, based on the arguments in the book and if you wish elsewhere (cite your work!) at least the general direction of your views. If you have strong, well developed views on the topic, that’s fine too, just present them professionally and in detail. Try to consider any drawbacks to your position and explain them as well (pros/cons, advantages/disadvantages). American government. By Matthew Korbel 5th edition.

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