Presentation Guidelines

In your presentation, you will address the following points:1. the purpose and goals of the mission
2. proposed date (or launch date if already achieved)
3. instrumentation & methods
4. expected science return (data and analysis)
5. summary of the status of the mission

Your presentation should address these points from a critical perspective.
o For example, when and why were the mission planned, and how has design proceeded since that point?
o How smoothly did the mission progress from the concept stage to launch?
o What is the purpose of the mission? What questions will it answer?
o What kind of information does the spacecraft collect, and how do the data support the mission objective?
o What surprises, if any, did the data reveal?
o Does this mission follow-up another mission, or is it the first of its kind?

The write-up will be graded using the following criteria, each worth 10 points:
i. Organization and clarity. How well is the content organized? How clearly did you articulate the answers to the important questions? Have you demonstrated command of formal, written English?
ii. Content. Is the content accurate and up to date?
iii. Critical perspective. Does your document effectively answer all 5 key questions and reach logical conclusions?

You will submit a summary report (800-1000 words). In this assignment, will summarize the mission and address the 5 key points listed above. In the summary, include a list of citations at the end (at least two total, with one being the main website for the mission). You may include images with captions in your summary

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