Pretty hair salon

Pretty hair salon

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Marketing is the process in management where services or goods are transferred from concept to a consumer. Marketing involves identifying, selecting as well as developing of a particular product. More so, it involves determining the price of that product. Additionally, marketing involves selecting distribution channels as well as establishing a promotional strategy (Kerin,2006).
Research Methods:
To realize success in business, proper market research needs to be carried out. The hair salon business intends to adopt proper marketing research techniques that will lead towards maximising the profits. The business aims towards considering the market trends as well as the market segmentation to conduct effective research. A successful business considers other factors like SWOT analysis as well as marketing effectiveness before carrying out a marketing research (Sontakki,2010).
The business intends to use focus groups as one of the marketing research techniques. As a business owner of hair salon, I will meet gathered groups of people in hotels and restaurants, shopping malls as well as other strategic places like bus stops and ask insightful questions about the products being offered. The questions will be about the development, the preferences of people as well as their feedback. Moreover, questionnaires and other studies will be put to use to carry out the marketing research about the hair salon business. This will involve preparation of survey questions and forms regarding the services. The questions will then be distributed to various people where immediate feedback will be got. Then I will analyse the questionnaires and will able to come up with recommendations regarding best marketing strategies to adopt. Observation is another research technique that I would like to use for my hair salon. I will interact with people by observing and communicating to them. More so, I will interact with respondents by observing but without communicating to them. Both are techniques used in observation as a research methodology in marketing a business. (Sontakki, 2010)
Product/service mix:
Every business success depends on how the product or services is marketed as it is the most important and critical stage of the business. The product is the first thing that every customer looks over to know its benefits and decide whether they should buy that product or not. Product should consist of various elements which include variety and quality which are both applicable to the service. Simply, the product can be called as service. My hair salon will offer a wide range of products and service for customers to meet our customers need. The product I choose will be based on Korean brand whereas I will also offer L’Oréal hair products for my customers. Similarly, my hair salon will provide a variety of services to the customers which also include well trained barbers, shower and locker facilities, hair loss therapy, a separate section which is only for hair styling and a comfortable waiting room to have customer satisfaction. The following are description of how these strategies will help my hair salon:
? Trained barbers: Hair salon must have trained and skilled employee so that their work will be and enjoy by all the customers. If the customers are satisfied by their work, they will come again and recommend the services to their friends, family and neighbour.

? Hair loss therapy: The major problem that many people face is hair loss and try more to get solution for it. Some of them research on the proper nourishment for hair and use natural products to solve this problem. Therefore, a therapy can be developed to solve hair loss problem which may attract many customers.

? Shower and locker facilities: If the hair salon provides a shower facility to customers, they can take shower and can go anywhere they want to. During their haircut, the clothes they wear have hair all over it. So the customer can keep their fresh clothes inside the locker and they can wear it after the shower. Sometimes they may need to go to any party or occasion direct from the salon. However, these facilities will help them and they may recommend this service to their acquaintances.

? Separate styling section: The hair styling section will be a separate section. The employee under this section will provide a customer with a catalogue from which they can choose a hair style that suits them. Therefore, the employee from that section would set their hair in that manner. If the work done by them is good, then hair salon will earn extra revenue for the business as well as gain popularity.

? Comfortable waiting room: The waiting room for customers should be maintained well and decorated with a television, magazines and separate smoking room. If any customers have to wait to take services, this will help them to pass their time and they will come again if they feel comfortable with those experience.

Choosing a location for business is very important decisions that every entrepreneur should make in the early stages of establishing it. Obviously, I would prefer my hair salon to be locate in an area that is easily accessible by highway with plenty of traffic and parking. I want surrounding area to be attractive, safe and well lit. Therefore, I choose Trafalgar Street in Nelson as the best location to start my business of hair salon. As it is the centre of town, it is easily accessible and people can easily spot the place. And such location can easily give the feeling of safety upon arrival as well. Beside that there are other retail businesses nearby which attracts customers that can also generate efficient business opportunity for me. In the other hand since Nelson is also one of the famous tourist destination and people from all over the world visit this place every year. So that not only the locals but even the tourist can endeavour the saloon services in their short instance as well. And as we all know that for a retail business location is the backbone because it also helps to sort loyal customers which helps to sustain the business and even if one already has loyal customers the deserted location will discourage them to come to you. Let’s not go far and take a look at search engines. People type something to search but must of them won’t go beyond the 3 pages so the prime location is a must for any type of business.
Distribution channel:
Distribution channel can be explained as the chain through which the goods and services passes to the consumer. The distribution channel consists of wholesaler, retailer and internet as well. Such channels are broken down into direct and indirect forms (INVESTOPEDIA, 2016). Combining various distribution channels in a service business helps one manage the demands for his or her services. A market segment can be targeted using a particular distribution channel depending on the member’s income (kerin,2006). For my hair salon business, I intend to use direct sales as a channel of distribution among others. This is because it will permit my business to contact its clientele base without any intermediaries who sometimes overcharge the services. Getting into close contact with the customers is helpful because the business will able to get direct feedback from customers and device better ways to improve the services. In addition, my hair salon plan to use professional sales agents as another distribution channel since it creates opportunity for others. More so, the customers will be able to give their feedback to the sales agents who will give the same information to the business.
Promotional Timeline:
Being the owner of pretty hair salon, I will devise the best promotion strategies so that it can remain relevant in the market. I would like to use the social media platform as a marketing and promotional strategy. Facebook and Google+ as well as WhatsApp applications will offer the business direct marketing. This is because through social media, potential customers across the world will be connected with the business services. More so, I will use customer appreciation events to promote my business. These will include such appreciations in the events as well as door prizes. This will not only attract the existing customers but also attract even more. Lastly my hair salon business will be conducting regular after sale customer surveys as a technique to promote its services. This ensure that the customer satisfaction is put as a priority. It is possible through contacting the customers by telephone or even sending them mails. The other way to conduct after sale customer survey is to get skilled salesperson who make call to customer and gather information that is relevant in marketing (Sontakki, 2010).

Pretty hair salon intends to set long term goals that will enable it to carry out long time line promotional activities. For this reason, my business will set strategic plans and quantifiable goals that will enhance realization of maximum returns. I will set sales targets on yearly bases and conduct evaluations at the end of financial year of its operations as a strategy to promote hair salon services over a long period. Whereas, I will establish good plan that will enable realization of its goal. One of the ways to realize this will be to conduct long-term research. The research will aim toward testing the services as well as the business human resource. The research will be viable because it will lead toward adjustment of operations thus bringing about long-term returns (Sontakki, 2010).
Business environment:
Every business operates in both internal and external environments. The business understands that both external and internal business environment can have effect on each other and can impact on the business undertakings. The business of my hair salon understands the impact of both external environment and internal business. Political factors, social factors, technological factors, as well as macro-economic factors are among the outside factors under which business is to operate. The business will devise strategies to overcome any negative impact of these factors. Other internal environment factors include the organisational culture, the business policies and management systems. Both direct and indirect competitors will participate in different roles towards the success of the business. Many salons are located in luxurious areas and the business intends to offer its services in area where middle class people live. In order to compete with others, I will put Television in the hair drying area. More so, my business will offer free refreshments coffee to its client so that it can remain competitive to the direct competitors. Other indirect competitor such as shopping malls and supermarkets, my salon will enhance its promotional strategies and do more advertisement as well as offer affordable prices for its services.
Proposed Marketing Budget for Pretty Hair Salon:

Description Cost
1 Advertising 15
2 Storefront design and shop set up finished 50
3 Direct Marketing 12
4 Web Development Promotion Methods 10
5 Customer Appreciation Events 12
6 After Sale Customer Surveys 9
7 Miscellaneous 10
Total Amount 118

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