Process Speech Topic

videotaped speech is a process speech (c.f., textbook page 280 and the presentation for Chapter 15). In the discussion area below, please post the topic (c.f., textbook Chapter 5, pages 74-79) on which you will want to present. For example (you cannot use this example as your speech), How to Make a Pizza.
Please post early in the week. I will look at your post and comment upon its feasibility, narrowness or other related helpful information. Before you post your topic, make sure to check what your classmates have posted. No topic can be duplicated; this means that two people doing the same topic is not allowed.
To assist you with finding a topic, please use the Topic Helper.
This activity is not evaluated. It is part of preparing for the first speech assignment.
Once you have selected your topic, click on the “Create Thread” button and create your message in the “Message” field. Make sure to read each other’s topics so that there are no duplicated topics. Only one topic per person,

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