profesional portfolio

profesional portfolio

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I’m a professional pianist, i need to write this
Professional Portfolio submission

The Professional Portfolio will test students’ abilities to: demonstrate autonomy, initiative, and critical self-awareness in relation to the development of their careers; reflect on their own and others’ ways of working; manage personal information; and present information in an accessible and confident manner appropriate for a musician entering the profession.

Assessment criteria

The Professional Portfolio should display students’ insight into their own professional development (including those areas that require further refinement), and articulate a strategy for its implementation in a c.1500 word commentary. The demonstration recording and personal marketing package will encourage and test students’ abilities to define their individual profile as musicians of the twenty-first century and to communicate this through the production of high-quality materials.

The Professional Portfolio will be assessed using the MMus mixed-media marking criteria.

talk about my website, how to created my website, could say the colour black and write idea is from the piano.
talk about how to promoting myself , how does people find me to play concerts? through the internet, google my name? or website? my business card? etc. you can check my cv in my website.

i got this essay wrote by my friend who s also pianist, you can read it first. but don’t copy him, use his idea.

his essay more focussing on his cv and business card etc, i want focus on my website. home, about sunny, gallery and so on. e.g. people can find my concerts dairy in my website by click CONCERT. and talk about my photos and previous concerts photos. etc. check my website

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