Professional Leadership Journal–Narcissism Assessment

Professional Leadership Journal–Narcissism Assessment

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Professional Leadership Journal–Narcissism Assessment
This week’s self-assessment, located in your course text (Chapter 4 Page 138), includes one brief individual leadership assessment entitled, “Narcissism,”
For this Personal Leadership Journal, complete the “Narcissism” assessment. As a scholar-practitioner of public health leadership, what might the assessment reveal about your perspective on topic of Narcissism? Consider how Narcissism may impact your role in the field of public health.
The Assignment (2–3 paragraphs):
• Explain new insights gained based on your results of the “Narcissism” assessment
• Explain how these new insights might impact your role, or future role, as a public health leader
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• References
• Nahavandi, A. (2014). The art and science of leadership (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.


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