professional skills appropriate to your current or future job

TaskChoose a topic that interests you from one of the ten to be covered from week 3 to week 12 (see
the course schedule in the Course Profile).
Write a brief description of your understanding of what the topic is about, and how formal study
of this topic will help you develop professional skills appropriate to your current or future job.
(Hint, choose a topic that is not too familiar to you but you think will be useful).
No research or references are required for this assessment item as it is designed to encourage you
to reflect on the course and what you think will be of value to you.
You may wish to refer to the course learning outcomes to provide some structure to your

1. developing customer value through ‘operations’
2.operations and competitive strategy
3.process planning and design
4.controlling processes
5.managing projects
6.using six sigma to improve processes
7.using ‘Lean’ principles to improve processes
8.managing the supply chain
9.managing inventory
10location and capacity strategies
11. forcasting and managing demand
12. developments and trends in OM

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