Project Management: Staying on Schedule

Project Management: Staying on Schedule

Paper details:

This paper assignment is intended to offer you an opportunity to enhance your simulation experiences in this class with additional information and advice from project manager experts. Although the resources from the first part of this assignment are chosen for you, the second part allows you some flexibility to freely pursue your interests in project management in particular and leadership in general.

Step 1:

Read Project Manager’s Spotlight on Risk Management, Chapter 4 “Preventing Scope and Schedule Risks” (Attached) & PMI’s Pulse of the Profession: The High Cost of Low Performance (Attached)

Step 2:

Read through the different blog sites found at:

Then, choose TWO blog entries to incorporate into your discussion.

Step 3:

Write a paper incorporating the reading from “Step 1” and your chosen blog entries from “Step 2” and discuss any “take away” points they may provide. Do these resources enhance your knowledge of project management in any way? Do you agree with all of their assertions? Also, if applicable, discuss any personal experiences that you may have that relate to the reading or blog entries.


Please write your paper using a 12 point font and double space. Papers should be around 3 pages long.

Aim to use your own words; however, when you quote or paraphrase, remember to briefly mention to which source you are referring.

Also, please be sure to proof read your work for spelling or grammatical errors.

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