Proposal for Model United nations MUN

Proposal for Model United nations MUN

Paper details:

The paper should be professional because it is going to be sent to the dean and the president of the university. The purpose is to convince the Board of the university to create an MUN club/conference. stating the benefits of it and why we should have one. Basically, I need to use every card that I have to convince them to agree on the proposal!

Proposal Letter for a Model United Nations (MUN)

Dear Sir, Ma’am

To whom it may concerns,

Based on the interest of the student body in politics & legal legislations and particularly in the United Nations, this letter is a proposal to form an EU Business School Model United Nations (MUN).

Model United Nations, is also known as MUN, it is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates & ambassadors to the United Nations and simulate UN committees debating topics. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by the university MUN club.

There are several reasons why establishment of MUN is important at EU Business School,

• MUN provides Students with learning & Leadership experiences, the depth of experiences serves to enrich the students with skills & tactics.
• Overcome the fear of public speaking, it is a great support for student in the personal growth and will trigger self-confidence.
• The student will become familiar with diplomacy and the global issues; the diplomatic simulations will help in understanding how existing international bodies work, how to solve issues and challenges and the opportunity to practice research, teamwork, negotiation and even the writing skills.
• It will enhance leadership skills, staying in character of the country the student is representing.

Introducing Students to the super bowl of diplomacy will reflect the contribution of EU Business school to the global community in which EU Business School mission is to provide comprehensive and in-depth international education.

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